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Why Buy New ?
  1. You will be the first family to ever live in your "New Home"
  2. New Homes are in Newer, more Sought After Neighborhoods
  3. Your New Home is More Comfortable and Energy Efficient than an Existing Home, so your Utility Bills will be less in a New Home
  4. Your New Home has Warranties on the Slab, Workmanship, Heating and Air Conditioning System, all of the Appliances, the Yard, the Fence and much more
  5. Financing Rates are usually better on a New Home
  6. Insurance Rates are less on a New Home. 
  7. The Appreciation is Better on a New Home because of all of the above
You Get What You Really Want
  1. Loacation should be your First Priority. You have a better selection with a Builder
  2. You get to choose all of Your Colors both inside and out
  3. You choose your Carpet, Tile and even Wood Floors if thats what you want
  4. You choose your Appliances, Cabinets and Kitchen design and much, much more
  5. Why buy an Existing Home and then Spend Money on it to get what you want ?
Fees and Commissions
  1. Builders will help with Closing Cost
  2. Some Builders offer programs with "No Down Payment" Saves "Up Front Cash"
  3. Builders have Preferred Lenders, and some will pay for your Title Policy
  4. Builders pay all of the Realtor Fees and Commissions
  5. When you are "Selling" your existing home and "Buying" a new one, I will reduce my commissions and "Save You Money" on closing cost or upgrades.
So, the bottom line is, when you compare all of the above with what you would get in an Existing Home, their is "No Comparison" Make Sure that you are getting your Money's Worth

I have been around New Home Construction for over 40 years and can "Walk You Through" the "Complete Building Process". When you use me as "Your Realtor", I am with you before they pour the slab, all the way to sitting with you at the closing table.

I am trained in "Communication" and the "Art of Negotiation", so having me on your side is like having a 3rd party Consultant, at "No Charge" I know how to talk with builders and I know how to get you the best deal. I have work with several builders in Ellis, and Tarrant County and would be honored to work with you in finding your "Dream Home"

Let me introduce you to all of the Builders and help you decide who would be the best one for what you want. All Builders will tell you they are the best one, but how do you really know ? Also when you are going Builder to Builder, you have to register with each one and listen to their sales pitch. Let me walk you through the process and save you both time and money. Let me be your Guide !!

                           "Call Me" and Lets Just Talk !!! Let me show you what I can do.

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